Manchester United started today’s game with the brilliant away end singing “Every single of one of us loves Alex Ferguson” on repeat. Fans in the away end came home saying it was the best away of the season, despite the players some how managing to bollocks up a 5-2 lead, with our fans in full voice all day.

What was noticeable though, 20 minutes in to the game, was a change from songs about Ferguson to songs about the manager who will replace him.

“So come on David Moyes, play football like Fergie’s boys, we’ll go wild, wild wild, we’ll go wild, wild wild.”

This song has been muttered and passed around the internet in the weeks since Moyes’ appointment and was given a loud outing at United U-21s semi-final victory over Liverpool earlier this week. But today it really took off and you can only imagine how proud that would make the manager.

In his final speech after our win over Swansea last weekend, Ferguson urged us to get behind Moyes. There can’t be too many reds who’d had the Everton man as their first choice for replacing Sir Alex but now that the decision has been made, it is only right that we give him our full backing. Not just now, but after his first defeat, and second defeat, and third defeat…

The king is dead, long live the king!