Wayne Rooney is a fans’ favourite at Old Trafford following the past few seasons of entirely dedicated performances from the young forward. He is often criticised from those outside of United, but inside, he is loved and praised in excess.

I have questioned in the past whether winning the Champions League automatically makes you the best team around, but strongly believe that winning your league suggests that possibly you are. Earlier this week, Rooney claimed that following our domestic and European success last season, we are the best team in the World.

“After our success last year there will be high expectations but we’ve got a good enough squad and hopefully we can emulate last season,” he said. “Of course winning trophies brings you confidence and we’re a confident team anyway. But it’s given us that bit extra and belief that we’re the best in the world. Hopefully we can prove that again this season.”

However, Nicolas Anelka says this isn’t the case at all and that Chelsea will be working hard to claim that title next season. Oh, and he also reckons that his penalty miss was more difficult for him than John Terry’s.

“They are one of the best teams in the world, but I can’t agree they are the best. We will be looking to prove him [Rooney] wrong next season,” said Anelka. “We know Manchester United, we respect them and we know they have good players. He is one of them, but we will do everything to show it’s not true. They won two big titles last season and we want to take those off them this season.”

Anelka reflected on his heartbreaking penalty miss, which saw United crowned Champions of Europe, and argues it was more difficult for him than ‘Mr Chelsea’ (*snigger) John Terry.

“It is very hard for me because I wasn’t involved at the start of the competition,” he said. “Even when I did play I was on the pitch for five, 10 minutes and it wasn’t in my position so the penalty miss was more difficult for me than John. John is a big player for Chelsea, he has already done something for the club by helping them win so many trophies. I am new so it was more difficult for me. I try not to think about it, but it’s very hard.” Aww.

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