Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has today claimed that if he had the choice, he would prefer to have Wayne Rooney in his team than Lionel Messi.

For whatever reason, the Italians seem to be massive admirers of our striker, with the 2009 Champions League final billed as the ‘best player in the world vs most complete player’.

“Everyone goes for Messi but I would take Rooney,” he said. “Messi is out of this world and maybe he is reaching the level of Maradona. Rooney, however, is closer to the reality of football. He puts his talent out to the rest of the team and this explains the difference between players and outstanding players.”

Looking ahead to the game on Sunday, Ancelotti told the press he wouldn’t be man marking Rooney and would have to pay attention to Ryan Giggs.

“We want to play our football, not just control their skills and ability,” he added. “Rooney is the key player for United, and the last time against us Ryan Giggs was the best player. He passed three balls and they scored three goals.”