terry kiss

Imagine this. It comes out that Ryan Giggs had been having it off with someone like Nicky Butt’s bird, the mother of his kid, or maybe Phil Neville, you get the idea. Then the following day Giggs plays, his captain’s armband there for all to see, and he scores the winning goal. Then he runs around kissing our badge, showing himself as “Mr United” and trying to get the fans onside.

The comparison isn’t even accurate though, as neither Butt nor Neville were Giggsy International team mates, and he certainly wasn’t the captain of their International team. Also, it’s been a while since Giggs played alongside Butt or Neville, whilst Terry was shagging Bridge’s missus whilst they both played for Chelsea.

Terry has cheated on his wife countless times and humiliated her over and over in the papers, but she stood for it, had kids with him and enjoyed all the money that has come her way because she stayed with him. These so-called WAGs have little to no self respect so if they let their husbands shag about, I’m not going to lay in to Terry for doing it, although you would expect a man who was voted Dad of the Year a few months ago to show a bit more respect to the mother of his kids. But to cheat with the mother of one of your friend and team mates’ baby is something else. Latest reports suggest Terry got her pregnant and convinced her to have an abortion.

It’s Bridge you’ve got to feel for. Even if he is a former Chelsea player and current bitter, it’s got to be absolutely devastating to have someone you regarded as a good mate do the dirty on you like this and have it flashed about in the papers. You can only imagine the chants the poor bastard will be the target of now. Was “Mr Chelsea” putting his club first when knocking off a team mate’s bird? The harmony and well-being of the dressing room clearly ranks lower on the list than getting it off. And that makes him captain fantastic?

Just to rub the salt in the wounds, when Bridge’s move to City was confirmed, captain Terry spoke to the press about how disappointed he was that Bridge was leaving. Clearly, he was gutted that Bridge was going to be spending all week up in Manchester whilst the mother of his child, who Terry was shagging, stayed behind down south.

“He’ll be missed and I’m still in shock a little bit because it’s a shame to see one of the lads go who you have grown up with and been with a long time,” said Terry last January, after Bridge’s move had been confirmed. “I’m disappointed but for him it was the right decision. We understand he’s been here and tried to break in to become a first-team regular but with him and Ash being the two best left-backs around by far, it was difficult for him to break through and get as many games as he liked. Once Bridgey starts playing people will realise how good he is. He was great to have around the place. A great professional too, coming in at eight some mornings to do an hour on the bike when he wasn’t playing just to keep his fitness there so when he was called upon he did well. The thing with Bridgey is he could play left-back or left midfield and he is a great crosser of the ball and gets up and down, so we will miss him.”

The Chelsea manager was asked after today’s winning goal and badge kissing exploits at Burnley as to whether Terry would retain the Chelsea captaincy, with reports suggesting Fabio Capello will certainly relieve him of the armband when on duty for England. Ancelotti’s response was pretty comical.

“There is no discussion about this (the Chelsea captaincy). I don’t know why you ask me this. The players will never lose their trust in him.”

The players will never lose their trust in him? Arf! I know if I was a Chelsea player I wouldn’t trust my wife around him! Have you seen the wives of Drogba and Ashley Cole?! I wouldn’t him anywhere near my bird (although I’d like to think she would have more sense than to fuck that knob head anyway).

If we compare Chelsea’s attitude towards Terry with that of United’s attitude in a similar situation years earlier, you get a good idea about the difference in our club. Two years after leading United to a third place finish in Division One, following our season in the Division Two, and then making two successive FA Cup final appearances, one of which we won against Liverpool, Tommy Docherty was sacked as our manager after it was revealed he was having it away with the physio’s wife. After Busby and Ferguson, he was probably our best manager, but that didn’t stop our club dealing with him in the right way. Chelsea wouldn’t even consider taking the captaincy away from Terry, which suggests he probably is the perfect captain for that club.

I’ve long talked of what a classless cunt Terry is, but he has really outdone himself this time. Can you imagine having someone like this as captain of your club? What an odious little prick who has long deserved the bad press he is now finally getting. To take the England captaincy away from him just months before the World Cup would be hilarious. My money is on the soft southern twat crying about that and all!