So, John Terry has been knocking off Wayne Bridge’s ex-missus, the mother of his child Jaydon Jean Claude Bridge, eh? Bridge and his baby’s mum broke up a month ago.

With friends like him, who needs enemies? Some bloody captain!

December 20th 2009: Terry caught selling tours around Chelsea’s training ground, without the knowledge of the club, for £10,000 a pop.

November 16th 2009: Terry’s dad is caught dealing cocaine by undercover reporters.

March 27th 2009: Terry’s mum is arrested and cautioned for shoplifting £800 worth of goods.

November 11th 2005: Got it off with a 17-year-old behind then fiancée Toni Poole’s back.

April 25th 2004: Got it off with a prozzie behind then girlfriend Toni Poole’s back.

February 2002: Terry was caught on camera pissing in a glass during a night out in a bar before throwing the glass on the floor.

September 12th 2001: Terry mocks American tourists about September 11th in a pub when drunk less than 24 hours after the tragedy occurred.

You can only imagine how pissed off Fabio Capello must be for buying in to the “British bulldog” bullshit.