After Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League last season their players behaved in a way we’ve never seen before. They came out and openly claimed the referee had thrown the game whilst another was effin and blindin in to a Sky Sports camera which was being broadcast around the world.

Predictably, that whiney little cunt John Terry was fully behind Didier Drogba. Is it any wonder Chelsea players behave the way they do when their captain is endorsing swearing at a camera and verbally abusing a referee?

Like I mentioned at the time, the Andy d’Urso incident gets thrown in our faces but we acknowledged that was wrong and have never repeated it. Chelsea are up to this bullshit every season and if their behaviour against Barcelona was anything to go by, they’re getting worse!

“I am fully behind Didier Drogba for the way he reacted,” said Terry after the game. Incredible! Drogba had to be dragged away from the referee and swore in to camera and the captain is “fully behind” him. Compare this with Ferguson’s remarks about d’Urso: “The haranguing of referees is absolutely ridiculous – we know that. It’s not right. We see it as an issue. Since the situation with Andy D’Urso, we’ve not done anything like that.”

Well, TinyTears (TM) is at it again, offering his full support for Drogba and claiming, in true scouser style, last season could have been their year!

“When you hear about the ban for Didier and Bosingwa, I would like the people who are in these positions that make decisions to put things in perspective,” said TT. “I mean. Bosingwa, I don’t know where that has come from. Every player was feeling what Bosingwa felt, and thankfully nobody else said what he said, but he said what every fan and player was thinking. I think with what happened with Didier, and the comments that were made after the game, I think it took the hype away from the referee. I think it was a very bad performance and I think the Chelsea fans are feeling exactly what I am feeling. You know, three or four clear penalties that we should have had that night and that is something as a fan and a player you will never forget.”

Exactly right! Had Chelsea players behaved like Darren Fletcher, who was also robbed of a place in the European Cup final thanks to shit refereeing, then all the attention would have been what a joke the referee was. As it is, Chelsea players can’t behave themselves, their captain is in full support of their disgraceful behaviour, and together, they took all the attention away from the ref. Well played, knob eds.

“Maybe if we had got there, Man United didn’t perform on the night and it could have been our year. You never know!”