Before the weekend, Chelsea had beaten United, Spurs, Liverpool, Blackburn, Hull, Burnley and Wolves at home this season. They had scored 20 goals and conceded just 1. They were top of the league, two points clear.

On Saturday they dropped points at home for the first time this season, drawing 3-3 with Everton. So why were the Chelsea players booed off the pitch by their own fans?

“I was very surprised to hear the boos from the crowd because this was our first Premier League draw at home all season,” said Petr Cech. “Look at the games we have played here, in the League, the Champions League and the Carling Cup, and you will see all the clean sheets we have kept and all the goals we have scored. I was really surprised to hear the supporters’ reaction. Surprised because I don’t understand it.”

At the beginning of October, United went in at half time against Sunderland a goal down, which lead to boos from around the ground. These were quickly followed with a chorus of “we love United we do” from the embarrassed fans who wouldn’t dream of booing. Are we fucking England fans now or what? Who boos at half time? Cringeworthy.

After every match, football message boards are littered with comments by rabid fans claiming their manager should be sacked or players be sold.

Everything is so reactionary these days. If a player has a good game he’s a legend and if another player misses a sitter their career with that club should be over.

Darren Fletcher, Patrice Evra, Nemanja Vidic, even Cristiano Ronaldo (once dubbed the one trick pony) were deemed as not good enough for United at one point or another. Players get written off all the time but often prematurely. When you look at the world’s greatest players, how many of them were doing the business in their early 20’s or within their first season or so at a new club?

We’re all too hasty and too quick to judge. If we were fans of Liverpool or even Chelsea, whose manager changes yearly, then that hasty attitude might be understandable. Rafael Benitez has failed in his objective to bring the title back to Merseyside despite spending hundreds of millions of quid, so maybe their fans are right to second guess every new signing. Chelsea fans aren’t given long to warm to any new manager so maybe their fans are right to question their judgement given they might be shown the door in a few months time.

But honestly, as United fans, what do we have to be hasty about? When Ryan Giggs stood up and graciously received his Sports Personality of the Year award, did it not fill you with pride when he called us “the greatest club in the world” and talked of playing for the “the greatest manager that has ever lived”? Since winning his first trophy in 1990, Sir Alex Ferguson hasn’t gone longer than one season without winning something, and we’re going to sit and fret over the odd result or under performing player? We don’t know we’re born!

So, let’s loosen up on the hysteria. The booing, the slagging off of our own players, the panic over every result, it’s all unnecessary. We support the greatest club in the world which is guided by the greatest manager that has ever lived. Leave the booing and complaining to the clubs that actually have something to worry about!

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