terry bridgeAhead of Chelsea’s game against Manchester City today, Wayne Bridge made the sensible decision of refusing to shake the hand of John Terry, his former best mate who had an affair with the mother of his child.

When confronted with such a situation, it’s hard to imagine how you would react. This is not a situation which is exclusive to football, there are of course scum bags in every day life who would royally fuck over their best friend for a bit of skirt, but what happens in those scenarios? Imagine you’re in that situation with a best mate who did the dirty on you. You’re in the local boozer and your former wingman, the lad you went on the piss with, the lad you talked about women with, the lad you trusted more than anyone else, walks in. Imagine he has the front to offer you his hand, would you shake it? The reasonable reactions would range from a load of verbal to a good kicking.

Bridge managed to keep it together today and simply ignore the offer of a handshake. But then no one could have predicted what would happen next.

Every time Bridge touched the ball, the Chelsea fans opted to boo him. Forget for a minute that Bridge played for Chelsea for six years, pulling on their shirt short of 150 times, and just look at this situation from the human perspective.

Bridge is the victim in this situation. Bridge hasn’t done anything wrong. It is Terry who chose to sleep with the mother of Bridge’s child and it is Bridge who has refused to publicly criticise him for this. He hasn’t uttered a bad word about Terry in the press and has behaved admirably in light of what has happened.

So what planet are Chelsea fans on to think it is appropriate to boo him? At no point did Bridge ask for Terry to expose himself for the odious cunt he is, Terry did that all by himself. People talk about Chelsea FC and Chelsea fans not having any class, but if there was ever any doubt, the fans at Stamford Bridge have shown that to be the case once and for all today. Sometimes you wonder if you hate Chelsea because they are our title rivals, but days like today remind you that you hate them because they’re a horrible bunch who prove beyond any doubt that money really can’t buy you class.