Following United’s defeat against Arsenal at the weekend, Fat Boy has chirped up with his take on the league table, warning United that it won’t be easy for us to chase and catch up.

I believe Tiny Tears made similar comments when United trailed by five points last season, but we all remember how that one ended.

“It is far from over but in the last two years it’s been the other way around,” said Lampard. “When you are chasing, you really can’t afford to lose games. You have to remember Liverpool are neck and neck with us. But Man United and Arsenal, who are always big contenders, are those few points behind. It is not easy to chase, the pressure builds up and if you drop points you fall further behind. It’s difficult either way, because the big four don’t lose too many games or drop too many points. You certainly don’t want to be too far behind at this point.”

When Chelsea have played any of the other top four teams away, let alone all three as United have, he will then be in a better position to talk about dropping points…

Calm down Frank!