Had Didier Drogba not slapped Nemanja Vidic in last season’s Champions League final, he would not have been sent off and therefore would have been available to take one of the penalties. Instead, John Terry took one of the penalties, missed, allowing United back in to win.

Of course, there’s no guarantee Drogba would have scored, but anyone would fancy him to put the ball in the back of the net over Terry. It wasn’t to be for Chelsea though.

Drogba’s only start against United since then was our 3-0 thrashing of our former title rivals at Old Trafford last month. He was absolutely hopeless, easily the worst player on the pitch, which is saying something considering how poor Chelsea were that day.

There aren’t too many players who I actually really, really dislike, but Drogba is definitely on that list. It’s hard to find a redeeming feature about the slimy, cheating, mercenary prick, which is why it makes me smile to admit his embarrassment at losing to us.

“Defeat at Manchester United was embarrassing — not just for me but for all of us. I can barely remember when we lost a game like that,” said Drogba. “In the past, when we played United, we always gave them a very hard game. Maybe we would win or draw but we would never lose like that. We have got into trouble at the end of games at Fulham, Manchester United and Liverpool. We all have to get that amazing feeling of invincibility back again. We would be in the dressing room and we knew before a game that we would win. We felt well prepared and from that we were confident. Lately we have not been as strong and we have had a lot of injuries. United have shown what we used to do, which was winning while not playing well. A few of their games recently they’ve won 1-0 and now they are 10 points ahead of us. We used to do that.”