It was John Terry who was on the receiving end of our sarcastic praise and love when Chelsea and United met earlier in the month. However, we shouldn’t forget that Terry wasn’t the only player to miss a penalty on that brilliant night in Moscow. Nicolas Anelka, former dipper, bluenose and goon, had the deciding penalty saved by man of the moment, Edwin wan der Sar.

Not content with helping us win the European Cup, Anelka has taken time to suggest that it is Sir Alex Ferguson that makes the difference between his team and ours, referring to our manager’s intelligence and ability to sign the right players. He also talks about the ‘special spirit’ we have at United.

Aww, how nice.

“United don’t have a notably better or more complete squad than Chelsea or Liverpool. But Ferguson is so smart and so impressive,” said Anelka. “He keeps spotting and signing precisely the right players to complement what he already has and give balance to his squad. Then, what is massively important and difficult, Ferguson somehow teaches them to understand and demonstrate the special spirit of his club. He has been there doing it for a long time. But he keeps on succeeding.”