Chelsea were on the brink of winning the Premiership after Wigan went down to ten men and gave away a penalty. Frank Lampard was clean through on goal when the defender got a handful of his shirt.

Lampard, who had already taken ten penalties for Chelsea in the league this season, put the ball on the spot and was all but ready to wrap up the title.

Now, for any other team, you imagine the eleven players on the field would be absolutely delighted at this prospect. But not at Chelsea FC.

Didier Drogba, who at the time was on the equal number of goals as Wayne Rooney, had to be consoled by his team mates Ballack and Ivanovic because Lampard wouldn’t let him take the penalty. It’s un-fucking-real.

This one action sums up this abhorrent football club. It is about the individual at Chelsea, not the team. It is about how good they can look, what they can achieve themselves, not what they can do for the club. But then as Drogba himself said, he doesn’t play for the shirt. “Where I kissed the Chelsea badge after I scored, that gesture was for the fans. I don’t love the jersey.”

That is why it will give me so much joy to take the trophy off them again this time next year.

Hollow, hollow, hollow…