Chelsea aren’t famed for their great support. Whilst they too will have seen a lot of the ‘real fans’ pushed out of the grounds due to the rising ticket prices, you would at least expect for them to be able to get a decent lot travelling to Old Trafford.

Their support is always shit at United though. Even on our last home game of the season back in 2005, with Chelsea already crowned Champions, they didn’t have much about them. They played us off the park, winning 3-1, yet on that day, hadn’t even sold their full ticket allocation! “Sell all your tickets, you couldn’t sell all your tickets, sell all your tickkkkets, you couldn’t sell all your tickets!” we sang. We were gutted. Our team had embarrassed us that day, rolled over for the new Champions, but at least we could have a pop at their fans!

Today, their travelling support was even worse. After a quiet round or two of “Carefree”, they declared our support as “fucking shit”. Odd. They had barely sung, whilst the Stretford End had kept a continuous stream of songs going, and they save their best, loudest singing voices to tell us our support was fucking shit. Embarrassing.

At 2-0 down, their fans had gone to sleep and at 3-0 down the away section was close to half empty. “Can you hear the rent boys sing? Nooo nooo.” We sang that three times, shhhhhh, baiting them to respond, but they didn’t.

It’s only upon getting home that I heard the Chelsea fans were more lively than I had given them credit for. No, they hadn’t sung loudly enough for the opposite end of the ground to hear them, but they had been very inventive in creating a chant for Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Died in that tunnel, you should have died in that tunnel, died in that tunnnnnnel, you should have died in tha tunnel!”

Their players embarrassed them on the park today, whilst they did a bloody good job of embarrassing themselves from the stands.

“I did not hear what they chanted because I was focused on the game,” said Scolari after the final whistle. “But after seeing his car I told Cristiano that he needs to say ‘thank you’ to God everyday and think about life. I told him he is young and God has given him a lesson. Now he needs to stay alive and live until he is 90.”