It’s always good to have a sneaky peak at the footage of us winning the European Cup a few months ago. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to fill or you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, wandering over to YouTube is not a bad idea.

You see, in our club’s brilliant history, this is only the third time ever our fans have been able to say ‘We are the Champions of Europe’. It feels brilliant.

Part of what makes the win so special is that we were playing a title rival in the final and we were on the verge of losing. These elements combined make it all even more satisfying.

I am looking forward to hearing our fans singing about our Champions status at Stamford Bridge this weekend, and I am looking forward to the chants about John Terry all the more. Sadly, he shouldn’t be on the field to hear them.

Whilst this weekend will certainly be a challenge for our lot, a wise footballing pundit claims the biggest challenge will come in May.

Ok I lied, he’s not wise and I don’t think we can even really class him as a pundit either. Ian Wright reckons next season’s Champions League semi-finals will consist of the four English clubs. He also reckons it will be a United vs Chelsea final. However, this time around, he reckons it will be Chelsea lifting the cup.

What did he make of United?

THEY are a bit below-par and Berbatov, apart from his part in the opening goal at Liverpool, didn’t do a lot otherwise. But when it comes to Europe, United will raise their game. I expect them to finish top of their group and go deep into the tournament, possibly with another appearance in the final.

And Chelsea?

LOSING on penalties in last year’s final still hurts everyone at the club. This will drive them on and players such as John Terry and Frank Lampard will want to finish off the job. Chelsea have a decent chance of winning both the Premier and Champions League as they have so much strength in depth.

What would we do without inspired vision of people like Wright, eh?