Manchester United faced criticism of being a ‘one man team’ throughout the season, which although it might be taken seriously by some, anyone who watched United play on a regular basis could see what a load of bollocks it was.

Ronaldo had a case of the Midas touch last season, pulling off incredible tricks and finishing the highest scorer in England and Europe. However, like Ronaldo himself said on several occasions, he wouldn’t be in the position he was, receiving the praise he did, if not for his team mates.

Like I addressed earlier today, the belief that Ronaldo is responsible for all of United’s success is totally ignorant or totally stupid. Had John Terry scored his penalty in Moscow, it is Ronaldo who would be held accountable for United’s failure!

Regardless, it seems like little rent boy Joe Cole, behind his tacky Chelsea sweatband and gormless look, actually has something going on upstairs.

Of course, Joe Cole knows all about Ronaldo, particularly following the teams meeting at Old Trafford last season. After he was beaten for pace, Cole cynically and dangerously swiped out at our winger, yet amazingly, escaped with just a yellow card.

Still, Cole has recognised the insanity that comes with claiming that a team filled with the talent Manchester United has is dependent on one player for goals.

“The emergence of Ronaldo as the best player in the world took them to the next level but they can score from anywhere,” Cole said, of course taking in to consideration that Carlos Tevez was the 9th highest scorer in the league last season, whilst Wayne Rooney was the 11th, all scoring more goals than any player at Chelsea.

“Rooney, Giggs, Tevez, Nani, Anderson, Scholes, Carrick…the list goes on,” he continued. “I was talking to Michael Carrick about their change of system last season and they work a lot on movement and rotation. Different players will pop up in different positions, which makes it so hard to play against.”