The saga of John Obi Mikel was a fairly ridiculous one. He had been revealed to the World as a Manchester United player, all smiles as he paraded around in a United shirt. Yet in the weeks that followed, Mikel hilariously claimed that he had been forced in to signing the contract and he really wanted to play for Chelsea.

His battle to get out of the United contract cost him a year of his career, with him unable to play for any team whilst the situation was being resolved.

Finally, his wish was granted, and he moved to the Stamford Bridge club. However, things haven’t worked out so well for Mikel. Whilst proving himself to be a fairly decent player, he is a bit of a nutcase, with an incredible four red cards to his name already.

But what will be most painful of all is that after over a year of trying to get out of the United contract in favour for the more successful club at the time, Mikel has seen United win the league in both years he’s been in England, as well as  beating his current club in the European Cup final. Just think, had he stayed with United, he’d have two Premiership winners medal and a Champions League medal to his name.

“I’m disappointed we didn’t get the three points but at the end of the day it was a good result — we played much better than them,” said Mikel. “The first 10 minutes were a bit difficult but after that we calmed down and passed the ball. From then until the end of the game we played much better than them. The home record was one of the things we discussed about when we went into the dressing room. We haven’t lost here for a long time and we went out onto the pitch for the second half to make sure we kept our record going. We deserved to win.”

The comments of a truly bitter person.