Javier Hernandez has today claimed that he believes it is far more important for the club to be winning than it is for him to score. More than that though, he reckons he enjoys providing an assist as much as he does finding the back of the net himself.

“I enjoy making a good pass or giving an assist,” he said. “You have to enjoy those things as much as scoring goals. I never play just to score; I’m not upset if I haven’t scored in a couple of games. I don’t think, ‘I have to score in the next one’, because I know football can go like that sometimes. As long as the team is winning, that’s the most important thing. It’s part of our job as strikers to score goals, but I train and play the game to enjoy every pass, shot, movement, assist and goal. I try to experience all the things that football can give you in the same way.”