Chicharito expected to spend his first season at Manchester United playing in the Reserves and getting rare outings from the bench.

As it turns out, whilst not often getting a starting role, he has started big games against Chelsea and Arsenal, Chicharito has played plenty of football and Robin Van Persie is the only top flight striker with a better strike rate than

“I thought that during my first season in England I was going to spend a lot of time sitting on the bench, getting adapted to English football, but it hasn’t been that way and I feel that I am very lucky,” he said. “I am very lucky for being where I am and I am happy having played so many games in the most important team in the world. I am having fun at Manchester United and I want to keep on doing things correctly. My first season has been much better than what I imagined. I thought that I was going to be on the bench and playing for the reserve team. I am enjoying scoring goals because that is what is expected from a striker but I always say that the strikers can score goals when there is a good work done by all the team, you can’t do everything on your own.”