Following his Gold Cup success, Javier Hernandez is looking forward to joining up with his Manchester United team mates.

“I’ve been treated wonderfully in Manchester, and I simply need to repay that faith,” said Chicharito. “I had a very good first season and I hope to be able to contribute much more. I think there are good times ahead with this team and I’m very excited about the opportunities ahead in the coming season.”

Some players struggle in a new country, particularly early on in their career, but Chicharito has explained why he has avoiding the struggle.

“Moving to a new country is always difficult, but the fact my dad and my sister came to live with me was a huge help,” he continued. “That made things easier. In fact, what I miss most about Mexico isn’t the food or the customs, it’s my family and the way we’d all sit around chatting together on an evening.”

Another issue for players is the language barrier, but our Mexican spoke English before he came to Manchester and has been improving on this since making the move.

“I spoke pretty well when I first arrived here, and since then I’ve been improving bit by bit, understanding more and more and speaking better,” he said. “But the truth is that knowing English was a massive help, because it meant I could communicate in the dressing room and get to know my colleagues more quickly.”