Following reported interested from Real Madrid, Javier Hernandez has just agreed a new five year deal with Manchester United.

His representative, Eduardo Hernandez, today reported that after scoring 20 goals in his first season, the club have decided to reward the striker.

“We have renegotiated Javier’s contract and he is now committed for five years with Manchester United,” he said. “The initial contract was good for Manchester and for Javier because it enabled them both to see if they could fit together and if he could achieve what was expected of him. Both sides have met their expectations and United were happy to reward Javier after his very good performances last season. I will not talk about numbers, but it is a five-year contract. It is a fixed salary with incentives based on the team’s success in each of the different tournaments. Javier was not badly paid with his initial contract, but it was his first contract and, with respect, not comparable with the likes of Wayne Rooney and Nani. But today I can say that the contract has just been signed and everyone is satisfied.”

When specifically asked about Real Madrid, the player’s representative indicates there was interest from the Spanish club but that Chicharito is committed to United.

“It was never likely that Javier would leave,” he continued. “Talks began some time ago and United came up with a very good offer and I have nothing but praise for the way they have recognised Javier’s performances.”