Brian McClair wasn’t sure what to make of a discovery on a recent visit to the first team dressing room.

Football is not like it was in his day, it appears, with McClair coming across appointment times for pedicures, massages and yoga classes.

Surely it’s all gone a bit too far when the players can’t even run their own baths?

“I don’t go into the first team dressing room very often, but I popped in recently to look for a member of staff,” said McClair. “I noticed there was a new addition to the room – a large flat-screen TV. I switched it on and saw there was a scrolling screen informing players of details for the day. There were times of training, massage times, pedicure times, hair care times, whose turn it was to speak to MUTV, who to instruct to run a bath for you, weights sessions, yoga times and nutrition advice.”