The Richest Club In The World (TM) take on the Champions of England and Europe this weekend at the Wastelands. After losing out to the bluenoses at home and away last season, United are eager to even the score.

If there was any doubt that City are a MASSIVE club, I’ll reassure you by confirming that all tickets have now been sold for the derby. Now isn’t that great.

“We won the football league again, inside the council house, inside the council house, inside the council house!” our fans sung after Darius Vassel missed a penalty ten minutes from time. We knew that if Chelsea failed to beat Arsenal the following day, the title was ours.

Our singing was interrupted by an announcement though, informing the home fans that today’s attendance was the biggest of the season. Of course, the council house is never full, unless they’re playing United.

The away section cheered, mocking our small time neighbours for their poor attendance. Fancy only being able to sell out 47,000 seats once a season, and then fancy telling people outside of this city that all proper Mancs support City. Hilarious.

We’re just three days away from City’s biggest game of the season and they’ve only just managed to sell all their tickets now.

Oh City are a massive club!