My expectations of fellow Mancs, even if from the blue side of town, would lead me to believe that even they’ve got to cringing following the comments of Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim today.

After news broke through that City had bid for Dimitar Berbatov, one of their websites wrote a piss-taking article regarding them signing Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. “What day is it? September Fool’s Day by all accounts…” the writer joked.

Now it seems he wasn’t far wrong…

“Ronaldo has said he wants to play for the biggest club in the world, so we will see in January if he is serious,” Al-Fahim said. “Real Madrid were estimating his value at $160million (£90m) but for a player like that, to actually get him, will cost a lot more; I would think $240million (£135m). But why not? We are going to be the biggest club in the world, bigger than both Real Madrid and Manchester United.”

Let’s be serious for just a minute shall we. City made bids for a whole host of players yesterday, tabling over £200 million, yet only one player signed for them. Who? A player that was so desperate to leave Real Madrid he was crying and threatening to go to Brazil and never return. He would have signed for anyone who could afford him.

“The fact that he has accepted an offer from Manchester City says that he is not going for sporting reasons,” said Ramon Calderon after the sale.

Berbatov was totally unwilling to even meet with Mark Hughes, determined to push through a deal with United, which speaks volumes, but the new City owner just doesn’t seem to get it.

Whilst footballer can be mercenary bastards at the best of times, the greatest players still aspire to play for recognised “big clubs”, playing football on the big stage.

It’s not just Ronaldo who Al-Fahim thinks they can sign, but Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas as well.

Either this guy has got a wicked sense of humour or he is totally and utterly deluded. We shall see which one it is in January, I suppose.