At the weekend, Manchester City were 3,500+ below capacity and now they’re struggling to shift just 2,900 tickets for their upcoming game against Liverpool at Anfield. At United, even most season ticket holders struggle to get their hands on away tickets, yet at City, they go on general sale.

City have been given the same allocation as United for Wembley despite so frequently coming nowhere near to selling out their stadium, particularly for Cup games. The editor of one of their fanzines, King of the Kippax, tried to pass off the dreadful attendance at a recent Sunday game on blues being at church! Seriously.

ROAD TO WEMBLEY – Attendance (capacity 47,726)

FA Cup 3rd Round vs Leicester: 27,755 (Adults £15 in, kids £5)
FA Cup 4th Round vs Notts County: 27,276 (Adults £15 in, kids £5)
FA Cup 5th Round vs Aston Villa: 25,570 (Adults £17.50-£22.50 in, kids £5)
FA Cup 6th Round vs Reading: 41,150 (Adults £15-£25 in, kids £10)

Over their four FA Cup games, City have had a total of almost 70,000 empty seats, despite their discount prices.