Manchester City midfielder, Patrick Vieira, has nothing but good things to say about Manchester United legends Paul Scholes and Roy Keane. 35-year-old Scholes scored twice against City last year and Vieira reckons that even with him best years behind him, Scholes is still one of the best players out there.

“Paul Scholes for me is still one of the best,” said Vieira. “He doesn’t say much, he never looks for credit for being the player he is. He has been at the top now for 15 years and you don’t do that without being a role model. He is a player young players should look towards.”

Since signing for City last season, the 34-year-old midfielder has struggled to make anything like the impact he did whilst at Arsenal. When asked if the football had changed since his initial period in the Premier League Vieira offered praise to Roy Keane.

“I think there is a greater emphasis on the physical and running players than technical people who are good with the ball,” he continued. “You don’t have any more players like Roy Keane. Keane was strong but also good with the ball. You don’t have defensive midfielders who are like that, who have everything.”