Despite having all that money, Manchester City’s new generation of players are just as bitter as those that came before them.

“It’s one of the biggest games in the world,” said Nigel de Jong. “We are looking forward to it because we are confident after two great wins in a week. It’s a derby and there is always more at stake. It would be nice to damage United’s title chances. United need the points to catch Chelsea and they know Arsenal are behind them. They have to secure their place in the top two. We need those points too, even though Liverpool drew.”

Wow, can you imagine any United fan talking about spurning City’s chances of finishing in the top four when asked about derby day? I don’t think so.

But then, this is the same player who hilariously claims there are more City fans in Manchester than United, despite the fact we’ve had higher attendances than the blues since the 1940’s (before the Munich Air Disaster, before those bitters pull out their tired and ready made excuses), even when we were playing at Maine Road, and regardless of who was the more successful team. I guess people must have been travelling up to Old Trafford from Kent since World World II eh?

City fans, look away now, before your myth and world comes tumbling down before your very eyes.