Martin Demichelis won the Premier League in his first season with Manchester City, playing for Manuel Pellegrini, but the defender insists that Louis van Gaal is the best manager he’s played for. The fact that Demichelis left Bayern Munich after Van Gaal dropped him from the squad, following several clashes, says a lot about how highly the defender rates the manager.

“Van Gaal was the best manager I’ve had in my career,” said Demichelis. “I was irritated [when he was left out of the side] but I always recognised he was the best football-wise, for the concepts he has and how he imposes them on a team. He has shown that in this World Cup. But I didn’t leave because of him but because of my own decision. The other day we were in the airplane and one of the lads said they were changing the goalkeeper for the penalties. It didn’t surprise me. I’ve seen him do such things many times. For example, he’d get in front of the squad and say who was the best or worst at doing different things. He has a real determination in thinking about the team and potential consequences. I learnt a lot from Van Gaal.”