neville tevezCarlos Tevez scored two goals against Manchester United in the week to give City a 2-1 lead as we go in to the second leg of the League Cup semi.

The Argie striker shrugged off his celebrating team mates to dedicate his celebration to United captain, Gary Neville.

Tevez admitted that he hadn’t actually read what Neville said, given that he hasn’t bothered to learn English in his four years living in England, and that his team mates read out the interview.

Neville actually said that Tevez had been a good player in his time with the club but acknowledged that his manager had a good record in the transfer market and that there were financial restraints on the club these days.

Jonny Evans reckons the City players must have been on the wind up to leave Tevez so obviously upset by the United captain’s comments.

“Gary and Carlos are not team-mates any more and they don’t have to be pals but I think this has all been lost in translation a little bit,” said Evans. “I don’t think Gary said Carlos wasn’t worth £25million. He was just saying the manager usually gets these decisions right and we will get on with it. From what I hear, either Carlos has read it wrong or someone is winding him up and he has reacted.”