Craig Bellamy
Crime: Slapping a restrained United fan in the face
Punishment: Warning

Shay Given
Crime: Turning to face the Stretford End, fists clenched, jumping up and down, celebrating Bellamy’s last minute goal
Punishment: None

Gary Neville
Crime: Celebrating Owen’s injury time goal in front of the South Stand, where he was sat, in front of United fans
Punishment: Warning

Yet another example of when the FA have come down hard on United and let another team get away with murder. If Eric Cantona had punched a restrained fan he would have been out until Christmas! How is hitting someone in the face comparable with Neville celebrating in front of the South Stand? And if celebrating a goal in a jubilant fashion is so bad then why is nobody mentioning Given’s celebration, in which he turned to face the fans in the Stretford End?

I’m not sure why we’re surprised. Manchester City’s Christian Negouai was fined £2k and received no ban for missing a drugs test around the same time the FA fined Rio Ferdinand £50k and an eight month ban.

Manchester City’s Robbie Fowler scored a late goal against United and celebrated in front of our travelling fans, holding up his five digits to represent Liverpool’s success in Europe and received no punishment. A week later, Gary Neville celebrated in front of Liverpool’s travelling fans following a late goal and was fined £5k.

Fuck the FA. For their lies about the FA Cup 99/00, for their lies about Patrice Evra and for Rio Ferdinand.

What have we learnt so far this year? If you’re a professional footballer in a bar and you ‘think’ someone is going to punch you, you and your mates can kick the crap out of them. If you’re a professional footballer and two stewards are restraining a football fan, you can hit him in the face. K?