We’ll batter them at Old Trafford.

Manchester City were outplayed pretty much from the first whistle to the final whistle on their home turf, and only collected the win because they were awarded a penalty for a foul outside the box.

It wasn’t our best performance over the 90 minutes but we still managed to control the game. If we can play like that away, I can’t fucking wait to have them at home.

Like the commentator said in the first half, it was as though the game was being played at Old Trafford, with City players overwhelmed by the occasion and our fans outsinging theirs.

We had shots cleared off the line and City didn’t get out of their own half for the last ten minutes. They will go to bed tonight happy with the win but fearful of what is to come.

The biggest disappointment of the day is of course Carlos Tevez getting both of the goals. Wayne Rooney muttered something to him as he stepped up to take the penalty, obviously forgetting the ignorant twat can’t speak English. He was interviewed after the game in regards to how he felt after scoring two goals against his former club. “I feel OK,” he replied.

It should come as no surprise that his bitterness overflowed with his celebration, despite his claims he would do nothing of the sort. However many goals he scores, however many pats on the back he gets from that cheesy scarf wearing manager, he knows it will never feel as good as playing for the best manager in the world for the Champions. He cupped his ears, as he did so desperately when trying to get United to sign him week after week last season, showing everyone just how obsessed he still is with his former club, just like Emanuel Adebayor. When City sign players who are interested in doing well for them, rather than proving a point to their former club, they might get to tear our banner down. But I won’t be holding my breath.

Let’s get some perspective. If that game had been at Old Trafford and we had been outplayed so comprehensively, we would now be trying to convince ourselves that our lads would be able to show up in the away leg, with all the dread and fear of the knowledge our team were second best would bring.

It’s frustrating that cunt Mike Dean awarded City a penalty for nothing. It’s frustrating that Craig Bellamy kicked and fouled almost every player on the park without receiving a yellow card. It’s frustrating we saw the ball cleared from the line. It’s frustrating we couldn’t make more of our superior possession (58%-42%) or shots on target (9-5), but I feel really confident about the home leg.

The biggest concern ahead of kick-off was whether our players would have it in them to get themselves up for this derby cup game, after watching the spineless performance against Leeds a couple of weeks ago. But that concern can go out of the window. Our players want that place in the final and have the quality to get there.

If my memory serves me correctly from last season (when starting to worry as Derby pulled a couple of goals back at Old Trafford in the second leg semi), away goals don’t count in the League Cup, which means City are essentially coming to Old Trafford 1-0 up, a slim advantage which shouldn’t cause us much concern.

So, no more 4-5-1, Sir Alex, let’s go for the kill at Old Trafford. Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and Dimitar Berbatov may all be back in the team by then, which will only add strength to what we’ve got already.

As the final whistle blew, my phone went off straight away. Angry United fans? Gloating City fans? No, just a blue from down the local: “You were robbed.” I can’t wait for next week, but I can’t imagine City fans feel the same way.

Fucking annoying to lose, even more irritating for it to be at the hands of that money grabbing whore, but there’s a place in the final with our name on it. If we play like that at Old Trafford, putting more emphasis on attacking, it’ll be us at Wembley and the counter on the Stretford End will keep rolling on.


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