When you’re worth roughly $1 trillion, the price of any top class footballer will be cheap to you. Real Madrid were looking to pay something around £60-70 million for Ronaldo in the summer, but City’s new owners are happy to double that figure.

David Gill has admitted today that whilst United aren’t in the business of selling their best players, they were certainly consider such a staggering offer for Ronaldo.

However, he posted an interesting question. How is it that Sir Alex Ferguson was on the receiving of harsh criticism for confessing his desire to sign Berbatov, but no one has batted an eye-lid at these comments coming from Far Eastlands?

I assume it’s because everyone thinks City are a bit of a joke, even more so now than in the past, and can see that Ronaldo would never be tempted away from United to join City.

“It was an interesting comment, I think it’s a fan’s-type comment,” Gill said. “It’s interesting when Alex mentioned the Dimitar Berbatov signing in advance that complaints were made to the Premier League. He mentioned Torres and Fabregas in the same article so I think we will treat that with a pinch of salt. I have never met the gentleman. That is a fantastic amount of money and would turn the industry upside down so I can’t believe he is serious at those sorts of levels. Ultimately we would discuss any offer with Alex and the owners, as that sort of money is very large for one person. But we are not in the market to sell our best players.”

To let the pantomime continue, how about we stick in a complaint to the Premier League? Just to spice things up a little bit.