“We’ve got Robinho! We’ve got Robinho!” the delirious Manchester City fans chanted to the Sky Sports News camera after news broke Robinho would be playing in City’s blue this season. There were times in the summer where it appeared inevitable that the Brazilian would be playing at Stamford Bridge this season, but following the takeover and a final day bid, City were able to lure Robinho to Wastelands. Who would have thought?

Whilst United fans’ focus is purely on what we regard as one of the biggest games of the season, a trip to Anfield, City will take on last year’s Premiership runners up at home. Shaun Wright-Phillips will play in his first home game after returning up North following three miserable years for the rent boys, as well as Robinho making his debut.

Does the hype surrounding City at the moment mean the Liverpool vs United match has been pushed in to the background?

Whilst some claim our weekend fixture is the biggest game in the World, former red legend, Mark Hughes, thinks City’s match against Chelsea in the most important to be played on Saturday.

“There is huge interest in us at the moment and though there is another quite large game going on nearby on Saturday we have superseded that one,” he said. “I am sure that has happened on many occasions. At the end of the day our profile is huge at the moment and there is such a story surrounding the Chelsea game with different angles relating to each club. We are really looking forward to it.”

There aren’t many games I hope Chelsea will win, and over the past few seasons I will have cheered on City when facing our title rivals, eager to see the rent boys drop points. However, you have to imagine that the blue noses will be absolutely unbearable if they get a result against Chelsea tomorrow. Their fantasy aspirations of a top four finish will become a reality for them and I honestly cannot do with hearing their delusions, boomed out like a broken record, for the next few months.

Do you think the focus on City at the moment means United’s trip to Anfield has been superseded?