Carlos Tevez was mobbed by a sea of City fans this afternoon as he was unveiled as their latest signing.

It’s lovely they can be so accepting of someone who clearly has such strong feelings for Manchester United fans.

“The fact that I am not staying at United is not because of the fans, it is because Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill did not do enough to keep me there. If it was down to the fans, I would still be there. They must understand a part of my heart will always be with them. They were always extremely supportive, even when I wasn’t playing.” Tevez said.

We think you’re a cunt Tevez but cheers all the same!

Tevez wanted to stay but the club weren’t prepared to flatter his ego as much as he would like. When he is sitting on City’s bench next season he will wonder what the fuck he was thinking about.

May 1st: “With respect to the fans and the history of Manchester United, I don’t want to leave the club.”

April 2nd: “My loan deal ends in June but I cannot think of any team except United. The United fans love me and my family is very happy, both in Manchester and in England. My thoughts are only about winning titles with United, and if this happens then I hope I will still be here next season. I do not want to play with any other team.”

City fans were out in numbers to welcome their new signing who has United in his heart. Paying £25million for a player who scored just five league goals last season would seem pretty dreadful business to most fans, let alone a player who loves the fans of your biggest rivals, but of course, given that City are so massive, neither of these things seem to bother them.

To echo the thoughts of the footballing world, who in their right mind would turn down Manchester United’s bench for Manchester City’s? Next season will be a laugh! How many players there just for the money can one club have?