It’s not too often you’ll hear me urging City up the field, scolding them rather than laughing when they screw up, but today they are taking on Arsenal at the council house. After going 2-0 down, it looked as though it was game over and I was just about to switch off, but we were handed a lifeline. Clichy, who the Arsenal fans will tell you is the best left back in the league, hesitated and lost the ball, gifting City a goal.

An away trip to City could potentially be a blip for Arsenal, considering the great home record the blues boast this season. With 45 minutes played, City haven’t shone in attack or defence, their midfield is non-existent, but fortunately, they are playing against an Arsenal team who don’t really look up for it. They are not playing with much urgency or desire, meaning there is always the opportunity for City to pinch an equalising goal. I won’t be holding my breath though.

Of course, United can only really focus on their own match and concentrate on getting their job done, and it is Arsenal’s London rivals who we will face at 3pm. It is the Arsenal fans who will be switching places with us and cheering on their rivals, who spanked them 5-1 last week. Tottenham will not be wanting to do the Gunners any favours, but they will certainly be wanting to get one over on United, who have beaten them twice this season, both on occasions when Spurs could and should have done better.

Who’s going to be smiling come 5 o’clock, London or Manchester?