Tom Cleverley joined Manchester United when he was 12-years-old but this title is the first he’s won at the club, so it obviously means a great deal to him.

“It is one of the best feelings ever; this is what you work for as a player and it feels unbelievable to have the trophy in my hands,” he said. “I have been at the club for a long time now and I know it is all about winning things, so to be part of that is massive for me. I am buzzing.”

Since February, Cleverley has barely featured for United, but before that played more regularly, playing against the likes of City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. He’s pleased with this season but hopes to do better in the next one.

“I have done all right,” he added. “I’ve played over 30 games, managed to break into the England team and obviously won my first bit of silverware. I am looking to improve next year but, all in all, I am happy.”

You’d have to be around 35-years-old to have any real memory of United before Ferguson, so for Cleverley, like many others, Sir Alex Ferguson is all he’s known.

“Since I have been alive, all I have known is Sir Alex Ferguson,” he said. “He has been fantastic for me and fantastic for the club. I’d like to say thank you to him.”