David Gill has today confirmed that the deals for Serbian pair Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic are still being ironed out.

Whilst work permits and transfer fees have been organised, the personal terms are yet to be agreed, either suggesting the club are being tight bastards, or the Serbians are greedy. Knowing what we do about the club and modern footballers, neither would really surprise me.

“The representatives of Manchester presented their vision of the future, which, sadly, at that moment, didn’t convey with ours,” said Tosic in the week. “Anyway, the contact will remain and I believe that we will have a happy end. I haven’t started to think about another club, I firmly remain positive on the whole matter.”

With both United and the player keen to resolve the situation, it looks as though a move in January is still to be expected.

“We’re still in negotiations with both,” Gill said. “We’ve agreed club terms, now we’re working on the player terms. They may or may not happen. Apart from those, I don’t think there will be a lot of activity from us in January. Perhaps the odd loan signing going out if Alex decides he wants to give some of the younger players first team experience elsewhere. But I don’t expect there to be much else.”