You expect moronic statements from rival fans who are pissed up in the pub, like United are a one-man team. However, you don’t expect the captains of Premiership teams to think and behave in the same way. Whilst footballers aren’t usually the brightest bulbs, you’d like to think they knew football. Sadly, this isn’t always the case though.

“Ronaldo won the last two leagues on his own,” said Fabregas. “The truth is it is a big piece of luck for the rest of us that he has gone. He is such a good player and very difficult to stop. It will be one problem less for us to deal with next season.”

Whilst it’s hard to argue that Cristiano Ronaldo was massively important to our success in 07/08, it’s ridiculous to ever claim that one player won the league by himself. There are certainly always going to be some players that are better than others or more effective than others, (which is something I’m sure Fabregas knows all about in the centre of a team full of players that just aren’t good enough) but no one player can ever win anything by himself.

For example, only one player in the Premiership assisted more goals than Dimitar Berbatov last season. Whilst Ronaldo can claim some brilliant solo goals, the vast majority of them were provided by someone else. We can thank his ability to read the game and good movement to get on the end of those passes but that doesn’t cancel out the role of the player who created the goal-scoring opportunity.

Federico Macheda scored two winning goals in the final weeks of the season that made the difference between us claiming two points and six points. Given that we won the league by four points and had an inferior goal difference to Liverpool, should we not be hailing Macheda as our title-winning hero?

Or what about our record breaking defence that went months without conceding a goal? Ronaldo’s goals would be useless if our defence had let in too many goals. United won eight games with a 1-0 scoreline last season which would have been eight draws if we conceded just one goal a game.

Or what about Wayne Rooney? Only five players scored more goals than him in the league and this was with him being largely played out of position on the left! We’ve all seen the damage he’s doing for England in a more central role and it is likely this is where we will see him more often next season.

People measure what Ronaldo has done for the team and then look at where we would be without his input. That is stupid. If Ronaldo wasn’t scoring the goals, someone else would be. Where are United going to be without Robson? Where are United going to be without Cantona? Where are United going to be without Beckham? Where are United going to be without Keane? Where are United going to be without Ruud? The questions have been asked time and again and they have then been answered. We went on to enjoy our most successful period ever in our history after Robson left. We won the Treble two years after Cantona left. We replaced Beckham with the future World’s Best Player. We won the league the season after Keane left. In Ruud’s last season he scored 21 goals, was the second highest scorer in the league and United scored a total of 72 goals. He left, we didn’t replace him, yet United scored 83 goals the next season and won the league. For fans and players to think that United minus Ronaldo equals United minus 18 league goals is as pathetic as it is moronic.

So just like all those players, Ronaldo won the titles on his own? Oh do fuck off Fabregas.