It beggars belief that somebody could earn a salary for writing such dross but James Olley, from The London Evening Standard, has managed to do just that.

Olley claims that if Evra cannot prove that he was racially abused then he should have the book thrown at him. Is that how justice works? Only accuse someone of a crime if you can prove they did it. If you don’t have concrete evidence, shut the fuck up otherwise you run the risk of facing punishment yourself. What an utterly idiotic suggestion.

How much would this policy undermine the Kick It Out campaign, with players who have been racially abused refusing to report any incidents in case a TV camera didn’t pick it up? Can anyone seriously argue that players must be able to prove their claims or run the risk of being banned themselves? To band about phrases like ‘playing the race card’ is cringeworthy and insulting.

No doubt Olley sits chanting “Evra you’re a cant” whenever Arsenal come to Old Trafford to be beaten by United, but it’s a disgrace that in this day and age journalists can get away with having such ignorant nonsense published. Feel free to contact the editor (geordie.greig[AT] or sports editor (sportdesk[AT] with your thoughts.

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