“It showed an arrogance,” Ferguson said. “It was naughty. It showed a cockiness that wasn’t required at the time because they hadn’t done anything. The season hadn’t even started.”

These comments by the manager about the Carlos Tevez poster have upset City fans. How dare Sir Alex Ferguson brand another team cocky and arrogant, when United have shown themselves to be both those things on numerous occasions under Fergie’s reign. Despite the lie they perpetuate about Mancunians all supporting City, they’ve all got mates, work colleagues, relatives, girlfriends etc. who are reds and have rubbed our success in their noses for years. We’ve laughed at them as they’ve been relegated time and again and lauded our trophies over them. How dare Ferguson now turn around and call City arrogant and cocky!

Erm, but it’s not quite the same situation is it? In the 23 years that Ferguson has been at the club we have won 11 league titles, 2 European Cups, 5 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, plus the Cup Winners’ Cup, the Super Cup, the Intercontinental Cup and the World Club Cup. Who the fuck wouldn’t be cocky when they’re backed up by that much success? City fans? Yeh right!

In contrast, City fans were getting cocky because they had paid £25m for a player who scored just five goals for us last season and was third choice. As for success? Well, I wouldn’t want to behave arrogantly and remind them just how long it’s been since they’ve won anything, although I can tell you we’ve lifted trophies 28 times since they last did.