Andrew Cole is one of Manchester United’s greatest ever strikers, forming a formidable partnership with Dwight Yorke that helped guide us to glory most famously in 1999. That year, they were the highest scoring pair in Europe.

Speaking with the United podcast, Cole has spoken about his relationship with Yorke.

I love Yorke like he’s my own brother. Me and Yorkie are polar opposites but we understood each other like we were born together. We’ve never argued, never had a cross word, nothing. We’ve never fallen out. The way I played complimented the way I played and vice versa. I loved playing with him. I loved the energy he brought. Yorkie brought something out of me I knew I had in me. He was on the back-burner and the way he conducted himself… This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Yorkie coming in, I knew the position I was in. I took Yorkie out to dinner, I took him house hunting, everything. A man who’s sweating doesn’t do things like that. If he’s going to come to United and be better, then so be it. I’m not going to cry about my position. If I’m here at the end of the season, we win the championship and I’ve played enough games, I’m involved in that as well. No resentment, whatsoever.

Cole reckons that he scored one of the best team goals in Champions League history in the group stages in 1998-99 when we drew 3-3 with Barcelona.

That goal, for me, is one of the best team goals in Champions League football. It was a great team goal, not just the interplay between me and Yorkie. The ball in midfield from Skip [Keane] and then we played from there. A real quality goal. That season and the seasons after we scored a few goals like that, the understanding was phenomenal. No communication, we didn’t have to call, we just knew where each of us was going to be. That’s what, for me, makes it much more satisfying that we could play football like that without even communicating.