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* Acceptable/Unacceptable Comments:The following are do’s and don’t for commenters on this site.
o Try to keep the discussion on topic. If you are interested in discussing broader football topics, check out the forum. Post your comments in related threads where possible or run the risk of having your comments deleted.
o We don’t mind it if you are not a United supporter, as long as you don’t seek to wind others up. Don’t forget that, first and foremost, this is a United blog and the majority of people may not agree with your opinions. Don’t be surprised to see articles written through red tinted specs. You might feel as though you have made a sensible comment but it hasn’t appeared on the blog. This may be because several other non-United supporters have made the same point and repetition of non-United viewpoints has no place here. Also, childish WUM language like “Manure” or “Munichs” will be deleted. Essentially, this is a United blog and if you have a problem with not being able to express excessive negative opinions directed at United, tough.
o Foul language is acceptable provided it is not aimed at a fellow commenter.
o Do not verbally abuse other people who have made comments.
o Do not type your comments in CAPITAL LETTERS. Use it very sparingly if you must, but only for emphasis. We will not tolerate entire sentences written in caps. For many, use of capital letters amounts to shouting at the reader and it is not good commenting etiquette.

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