It’s competition time again. Up for grabs for the week to come is a book about the best chants in football.

Throughout the country every weekend, football stadiums ring with the sound of hundreds of thousands of supporters singing the praises of their favourite players, rubbishing the opposition, having a go at the ref and waxing lyrical about past legends. From lengthy ballads reminiscing about club glory to spontaneous chants – often with extremely amusing results – football fans across the nation revel in the opportunity to make themselves heard. This book contains the best bits,

It is written by a red who is a regular poster here on RoM, so expect numerous sections poking fun at the dippers.

It’s currently selling for less than a fiver on Amazon but if you’re interested in winning a copy for free then simply send in the funniest chant you’ve heard/know of, not necessarily just United’s, to: