Manchester United have met the asking price for Carlos Tevez but the player has rejected the offer.

I hope all those idiots in the Stretford End chanting for Tevez over Sir Alex Ferguson’s end of season speech feel like proper dicks now.

“Following contact received from Carlos Tevez’s advisors last night, in advance of the deadline the club set for concluding negotiations, Manchester United announces that Carlos will not be signing a new contract with the club,” read a statement on the club’s official website. “The club agreed to pay the option price of £25.5m and offered Carlos a five-year contract which would have made him one of its highest paid players. Disappointingly however, his advisors informed the club that, despite the success he has enjoyed during one of the Club’s most successful periods, he does not wish to continue playing for Manchester United. The club would like to thank Carlos for his services over the last two seasons and wishes him good luck for the future.”

On RoM we’d written about disliking Carlos Tevez and wanting him to leave in the weeks leading up to this decision, so fed up with his poor attitude. After proclaiming his love for the club and fans, it was unacceptable for him to behave the way he did.

Plenty of players go through their careers without forming any particularly strong bonds with the club. Whilst Wayne Rooney and Patrice Evra are happy to show their committed feelings to United, it’s not an expectation. Some players are there to do their job, to play well and to win medals, and that’s alright. Tevez could have been one of those players, but he chose to reach out to the fans and form a relationship with us. So strong was that relationship that some opted to disrespect the manager in favour of showing their support for him.

Whether you had grown tired with Tevez’s behaviour or you were still in full support of him, there’s no denying that we’ve been shown up here. It doesn’t matter if you as a fan were keen to get rid because the club put their cards on the table and were rejected by him. With him likely to join Manchester City after turning us down, you can’t escape the embarrassment that creates for us.

Of course this betrayal will be lost on City fans. They won’t give a fuck less about his dodgy character. These are the fans that welcomed a “human rights abuser of the worst possible kind” with open arms because he came with the promise of success, so a back-stabbing Argie is nothing to them. But I’m sure some of them, the more sensible ones, who don’t have a tea towel in their wardrobe, won’t be too keen on worshipping a player who said he loved United and our fans.

It is usual for us to wish parting players with the best of luck but I can’t hope that any player turning us down for City does well. He’s made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Money means more to him than medals, and more importantly for us, more than our fans he claimed to love so much. We’ve been done by another Argie. What a piss take.