Some football players are immediately recognised as greats. Others require a bit of time to hone their talents before such skills shine through. Some individuals such as Anthony Martial seem to have somehow been able to straddle both sides of this proverbial fence. Some will argue that this was partially due to the fact that he was immersed within professional football at a relatively young age. It is also worth noting that such mercurial performances were punctuated by some extremely promising exhibitions (the 2019-2020 season is a perfect example). Fans of Martial will therefore be pleased to learn that he may very well be given a second chance with Manchester United thanks to a changing of the guard in terms of new management. What do industry experts have to say and what could this spell for Martial in the near future?

Is Martial a Worthwhile Bet?

Anyone who has ever been involved with the sports wagering community appreciates the fact that the performance of an individual player will inevitably impact the entire team. This is one of the reasons why Martial has represented somewhat of a dark horse. Most analysts will rightfully note that this striker was a bit “slow out of the gates” in terms of his on-pitch performances. However, he still began to show promise.

These glimpses of greatness finally came to fruition during the 2019-20 season, as he registered no fewer than 12 assists and 23 goals. It is therefore unfortunate that this streak did not last. Martial scored only seven goals throughout the following season. Those who wager on individual team metrics when placing bets are understandably cautious in regard to what they may expect from his performance in the near future. Still, it is wise to click here to discover numerous betting opportunities as well as to appreciate which sites offer the most comprehensive tools for following the latest news out of Manchester United.

What Might We See Under New Management?

A particular glimmer of hope comes in the form of manager Erik ten Hag. One of the reasons for this involves a contract that is purported to be worth £250,000 pounds per week. When we then recall that Martial still has two additional years left on his contract, it only makes sense to leverage his talents (even if they can be unpredictable at times). Another quandary that management will likely face involves the diminished attacking options that Manchester United is currently facing. In other words, offloading a player with potential would be an illogical move.

The main question involves whether or not Martial can develop a sense of consistency while on the pitch. Might he be able to recapture the spark that seemed to be present during the 2019-2020 season? Only time will tell. Having said this, there is also no doubt that Martial will be feeling the pressure to perform. It is not unreasonable to assume that this could very well represent his last year with Manchester United otherwise.

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