Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent has today suggested that contract negotiations are on the way, with the player keen to stamp out any rumours of a future away from the club.

I have been long resigned to the idea that Ronaldo was off to sunny Spain this summer, with Sir Alex Ferguson battling off interest from Real Madrid for the last time, before finally allowing our young winger to leave.

It seems as though the farewell we have given him in our minds was a tad premature though, with Ronaldo keen to sign on at the club.

“It is normal, that a footballer wants a deal to go with his status and one that matches his performances on the field,” Gestifute said. “But nobody has prepared anything concrete. We want to avoid all these rumours in the press and will have contact with United. We do predict a meeting with Manchester United to speak about the future of Ronaldo, but still there is not an exact date.”

After Ronaldo finally revealed to the World that he wanted to stay at United this summer, Ferguson seemed keen to suggest that Cristiano was likely to stay longer than just a season. I scoffed, as did many, entirely certain that Real Madrid would come sniffing around again next summer, with Ronaldo ready to sign for them after six years with United.

“Real know they are dealing with a different animal now,” Ferguson said. “As he gets older, he’ll appreciate being here more. The longer players stay, they don’t want to leave.”

We’ve been playing hard to get where Ronaldo is concerned, only singing his song after a goal has been scored, rather than the repetitive chants he received last season. Could this have had an effect on the player, making him want to be idolised again? Who knows, but it certainly is a positive sign from Ronaldo.