After Manchester United beat Aston Villa, Sir Alex Ferguson was asked who he thought posed the bigger threat to us winning the Premier League for a third consecutive year. Our boss, in all his wisdom, said the winner of the Chelsea vs Liverpool Champions League quarter-finals, with their boosted confidence, would probably be the most dangerous.

For whatever reason, Rafael Benitez took offence to this. Maybe it was the voices in his head or maybe he forgot to take his medication, but he was not a happy bunny at all.

The man who spent five minutes of a press conference for his side’s match against Stoke City talking about Sir Alex Ferguson, insanely claimed that he didn’t like to talk about other teams. He also claimed that Ferguson was “scared” of the team a point behind us the league, despite playing a game more. Hmmm.

POP… what’s that sound? Could it be their bubble bursting?

“Ferguson likes to talk too much about other teams.” Fact? Fiction. Ferguson was simply answering a question posed to him by the press.

“Maybe he is a little bit scared.” Fact? Fiction. We beat Chelsea 3-0 at home. We are one point clear at the top. We have a game in hand. Scared? Of a manager who has never even finished in the top two in England and a team who haven’t won the league for almost two decades?

“Ferguson will be supporting Liverpool because we are the biggest threat now.” Fact? Fiction. There are just three points between Chelsea and Liverpool in the league and like Fergie pointed out before the game, the winner will have all the confidence and self-belief going. Also, our manager would never support the vermin. He’s not a masochist remember!

With five minutes to go and Liverpool desperately needing a goal, the only atmosphere audible on the television was the ever-creative Chelsea fans, chanting “We love you Chelsea, we do!”. Two minutes to go, it was “Gerrard, what’s the score?” that could be heard above all else. One minute to go and it was “We want four!”. As injury time came about, “where’s your famous atmosphere?”. In between the rentboy piss-taking, there was a diluted chorus of YNWA, but as soon as the corner amounted to nothing, they fell silent again. Getting owned by fucking Chelsea fans?!

So, who’s scared now, you fat Spanish waiter? And tranny won’t be happy!

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