Paddy Crerand has torn a strip of Luis Suarez following his celebration in front of David Moyes at the weekend. Following repeated embarrassing dives, most notably the hilarious belly flop against Stoke, Moyes correctly labelled Suarez a diver. After scoring in the Merseyside derby, Suarez ran straight over to Moyes and dived in front of him.

Of course, it was Moyes who had the last laugh though, with Suarez scoring a great last minute winner only for it to be incorrectly ruled out for offside.

Crerand was asked about his thoughts on Suarez following his celebration against Everton.

“I thought that was disgusting,” he said. “Can you imagine a Manchester United player doing that? The manager would have gone off his head if one of his own players was doing that. It’s the height of ignorance to do something like that, bad manners, and he’s the type of fella you would expect it from. You wouldn’t get fed up punching him, would you? It’s not a nice thing to say, I shouldn’t say that, but the way he behaves is disgusting. If he’s got a family, I hope he brings them up better than he was brought up. He just be punished for that. I’m not saying you should punch him all night, I was just joking, but he shouldn’t have done that.”

It is also interesting to note that Everton fans were singing our “always the victims, it’s never your fault” and “murderers” chants. If you didn’t watch the game, you will not know this, as no media outlet reported on this. Everton fans have been widely commended for their response to the Hillsborough findings and whilst they have every reason to be angry about Heysel (Everton were denied the opportunity of playing in Europe with their best ever squad thanks to the deaths caused by Liverpool fans at Heysel and Liverpool fans respond by mocking them for it), their fans don’t taunt Liverpool over Hillsborough. It is obviously a tragedy that effected the entire city and Everton fans will have lost family members at friends in the disaster. The fact that they sing the song would suggest, like we said all along, the chant is not about Hillsborough. It’s just a shame that when our fans sing it, every single newspaper reports on it and claims we are mocking the dead, yet when Everton fans sing it, not a single paper mentions it.