To be quite frank with you, the only good thing about the game today is that we won’t see these bunch of players for at least 2 months and it will be under a new manager. If it were to get worse than this, then United are truly in the mire because it has been the season from hell after the summer promised so much with the signings of Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo. The first goal in which Palace scored summed up the season perfectly. Bruno played a blind pass in his third and it went to Zaha, who would stick it in the bottom corner. Thankfully, Brighton beat West Ham so United will be in the Europa League next season and the sweet relief of that final whistle to bring this season to an end was music to all United fans’ ears. 0 in the goal difference column and the same number when I rate this season out of 10.

Insult to Football

All United had to play for is the fact that they would suffer the ignominy of UEFA Conference League football if West Ham managed to win while we dropped points. In all honestly, it would be exactly what these set of players deserve because the level of performance they have all served up this season has been bottom of the barrel and that barrel is in the Marina Trench. For the first time in 47 games, they would be fans in the stadium and perhaps that is the most telling factor for the lack of cojones in these players because the fact they managed a measly 6 wins out of 19 on the road shows that no fans was more of a help than a hindrance for the United players. The home ground became a cauldron of hate as the players continually turned sorry game after sorry game.

Today was a show of that yet again. The poor mentality where the player looked as if they cared less than if a randomer with no knowledge of football was plucked from the pitch and donned in the Man Utd strip. It is taking a lot to even find the words to describe the gutless performance that the 11 turned out at Selhurst Park. The midfield once again was absolutely misshapen. McTominay and Fred, for having played together quite regularly for three seasons now, didn’t know whether one was coming or going. The man ahead of them however was truly disastrous. Bruno Fernandes is the epitome of this incredibly pathetic team that has played these 38 games this season. The goal is just a summation of every problem the Portuguese attacking midfielder has displayed since he came to Old Trafford. Things like that will not be tolerated under Erik ten Hag, whose teams pride themselves on keeping the ball. Bruno has to find a way to keep up the production without playing a fool.

What Next?

All in all, it is a relief that the season and it can only get better from here surely. The challenge for Ten Hag to overcome is mountainous. Every single department of the team is lacking not only in ability but tactical knowledge, mentality and confidence. He is picking these players up from the rock bottom and it will be daunting. But he done so with Go Ahead Eagles, Utrecht and Ajax. Of course, varying degrees in both the competitiveness of the league and pressure of the club.

Fundamentally though, the lack of control in football matches at Man Utd is just nothing that should be seen at a top club. The players are unable to play under pressure from their opponents. They let players run off them. They don’t see the picture quickly enough. They don’t do the simple things and it is quite remarkable. It is just unfathomable how a team assembled with that much money is that criminally bad. A whole raft of players will leave and that will be for the better. A rut has set in and it needs to start with a clear out. Roll on next season.