We woke up today to learn that Kenny Dalglish has replaced Roy Hodgson as Liverpool manager. As far as United are concerned, this could be a disaster.

How often do we see clubs galvanised in the first game since the manager was sacked, particularly when their first game is one they would never be expected to win.

The fact that it’s Dalglish who has come in, King Kenny, the delusional scouse equivalent to Alan Shearer/Kevin Keegan for the barmy Geordies, makes it all the more dangerous for United.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think for a second that Dalglish is going to come in and save Liverpool’s season. Whilst he might be able to stop them from going down, just like Hodgson probably would have been able to, I’m not worried about a resurgence. But we’re not talking about Liverpool’s whole season here, we’re talking about one game, when their fans and players won’t be able to avoid the buzz of excitement and expectation, which is a feeling they haven’t enjoyed for a while.

The Liverpool fans can’t get enough. “Kenny Daglish” and “Roy Hodgeson” are currently trending on Twitter (not that I’m poking fun at literacy levels in Liverpool) and the pessimism which surrounded them in the week leading up to this game will have vanished.

The ridiculous music that usually plays as our players walk on to the pitch, akin to what the Gladiators and lions would have heard walking out in to the Colosseum, will be turned down so the crowd can get the atmosphere going. It is up to us to make sure we outsing those 9000 travelling scousers.

On the upside, Liverpool having their legendary Dalglish as the manager in May, if United go on to make it 19, would make victory even sweeter.