Ahead of United’s game against Liverpool at the weekend, Kenny Dalglish has created even more ill-feeling by claiming that Luis Suarez, who was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra, shouldn’t have been banned.

“We don’t think he should ever have been away but we are delighted to get him back,” he said. “For me, Luis Suarez doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone at Liverpool FC.”

Ahead of the game at Anfield, Dalglish called for the players and fans to act in a “responsible” way. Evra was booed for 90 minutes by the home crowd and Dalglish incredibly referred to this as “friendly banter” after the full time whistle. Just like Suarez had used some friendly racism a few weeks before, I suppose.

It seems Dalglish’s fleeting moment of responsibility is well and truly out of the window though, with him now ludicrously claiming that the FA were wrong to ban Suarez.

There’s no denying that Dalglish heavily contributed to the rise of Liverpool Football Club. It is brilliant to watch him now contribute to their demise, dragging their name through the mud whenever a camera is put in front of him. I wonder what Shankly would think of them now…